Marcelo Serrado says he lost nearly 15,000 followers because he didn’t support Bolsonaro

Susana Vieira and Marcelo Serrado

O ator Marcelo Serrado, que apoiou o impeachment contra a ex-presidenta Dilma Rousseff e participou de manifestações com a camiseta de Sérgio Moro, disse na manhã desta segunda-feira (13), pelo Twitter, que não votou em Bolsonaro. Some of his followers did not believe or did not exonerate him from the election of the current president. See some answers at the bottom of the page.

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Marcelo Serrado also said he lost followers for saying he voted for Haddad in 2018 and questioned how anyone still believes in Bolsonaro.

“Good morning, loves! Last week I lost almost 15 thousand people who follow me because I said I voted for the teacher and I’m against it! Phew, it gave a relief !! Now what amazes me is that these 15 thousand still believe, how to explain ????”, wrote the actor.

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