Marco Antnio comments on the new role in Cruzeiro and highlights the help of Luxembourg

(Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro)

Midfielder Marco Antnio is receiving the opportunities that the crowd is asking for and has been pleasing coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo. In a press conference held this Monday, the 21-year-old player commented on the change in the role and highlighted the importance of improving his physical appearance.

Contrary to what happened at the base, the young man has been cast further back, acting ‘front’ for the match, almost as a second defensive midfielder, and not as a left midfielder. He highlighted the importance of Luxemburg in this process and showed willingness to act in the position.
“I’m very happy with the chances. I prepared a lot for this. The conversations with the teacher have been very good, it has helped me to adapt to this new role, which is where he believes I can play my best football. I’m enjoying it. , with the opportunities, doing what I know. improve everything that he has given me and I believe it will be a process of constant evolution. Things keep getting better and with the opportunities it will be much better,” he said.

Marco also spoke about the few opportunities he received with the other coaches who played for Fox during the season. Until the arrival of Luxa, the midfielder had only played in one match in the Campeonato Mineiro.

“I’m very happy with the opportunities, it was what I wanted, what I expected. I was working a lot, even when I didn’t have the opportunities, I didn’t stop working, to believe that this moment would come. Now keep going. the focus, not letting go, to always help Cruzeiro. I know what I can do, how I can help. I’ve been preparing myself and it won’t be any different. .

physical preparation

In the second half of 2020, Marco Antnio underwent multidisciplinary follow-up to increase lean mass and strengthen muscle. He gained about 8 kg in six months, going from 73 kg in June to 81 kg in December.

The player explained how this increase in muscle mass is important on the field. According to him, the force helps him in this new function, as well as in the moment of the start.

“I think my physical change was clear, both visually and how I feel on the field, stronger, pulled. This helped me a lot to evolve. In this new role, I need my physique up to date. Evolve with each game, with each training . I’ve been working hard because it’s a little new for me, but to be on the field, it can be anywhere,” added the young man.

Marco has played four games this season, three of them in Fox’s last four matches. Cruzeiro’s next commitment in Serie B is against Operrio, for the 24th round, on Thursday, at 7pm, at Arena do Jacar, in Sete Lagoas.