Marina Ruy Barbosa shocks everyone when she takes action with her ex-husband’s cousin

Marina Ruy Barbosa
Alexandre Negrão and Marina Ruy Barbosa are separated (Images: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Marina Ruy Barbosa surprised by showing that she did not cut off relations with her ex-husband’s relatives, Alexandre Negrão. This Friday (10), she appeared with a cousin of his.

On the occasion, the redhead appeared at the opening cocktail of the In Jackson Nunes beauty salon, in São Paulo, and insisted on taking a photo with the businesswoman Isabella Negrão.

To complete, she was also called “cousin” by the girl, who shot: “Priii [prima], I can only say that I love you. Thank you so much for existing in my life”.

Marina did the same thing and declared: “Pri @bellanegrao, I love you so much”. Recently, Marina Ruy Barbosa showed that not everything is flowers in her artistic life.

The actress opened a box of questions and answers in Stories on Instagram and an internet user came up with the following question: “Are there a lot of toxic and abusive people in the world of fame/stardom? How is this for you?”.

Marina said that there are this number of bad people, but she tried to take a lesson:

Lots of. But I think that in every profession or place there are nice people and not very nice people, ego, vanity, superficiality… But the important thing is for us to value and prioritize what really matters is it’s true and real. Fame is a passing thing and you can’t believe it”.

They also wanted to know what the disadvantage of being famous is and the artist sent the real thing: “People think that they know everything that happens in their lives, that they can have an opinion about everything, since in fact our real life is not totally public. So this trial is complicated”.

Besides having to get used to gossip, lies and rumors that are created and end up ‘turning true’ because they are repeated so much, you know?”, continued Marina Ruy Barbosa, venting about everything she has been going through lately.

A few days ago, the actress got into controversy when talking about representation after seeing a red-haired girl hugging her photo. On Twitter, she countered the criticisms: “Are you really problematizing a Story that I just reposted with child fans? Guys, for love right?! So many more important things for you to worry about”.

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