Marina Ruy Barbosa talks about Yellow September and asks for empathy: ‘Fear’

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13/09/2021 15:04Updated on 13/09/2021 15:48

Marina Ruy Barbosa made a long outburst on Twitter to complain about the “false conscience” of people in Yellow September — suicide prevention month, and also to talk about free hate on the internet. “I’m scared by the meanness of people on social media,” he said in a post.

“When did the social network turn into this? So many people oozing gratuitous hatred? So many people thinking they know something about other people’s lives without knowing absolutely ANYTHING real,” added the 26-year-old actress.

Marina also said that she is afraid to see what the human being is becoming. “We talked so much about greater awareness when the pandemic started, but?”, he pointed out. “False consciousness only serves to post in Yellow September. But in everyday life? zero empathy.”

The actress ended her outburst saying that she understands that the pandemic was hard for everyone, undeniable for some people, but that wanting to hurt someone else, hurting, offending, distilling and wishing for bad things, will not make anyone’s life any better. “Let each one live their life?”, he asked.