Mauro Cezar: Today there is nothing between Flamengo and Daniel Alves – 13/09/2021

With the announcement that Daniel Alves no longer plays for São Paulo and that he has played only six games with the club’s shirt in the current edition of the Brazilian Championship, some Flamengo fans imagined that the club could keep the momentum of signings after Andreas Pereira , Kenedy and David Luiz to also reinforce with the right flank.

In the podcast Posse de Bola #160, Mauro Cezar Pereira states that today there is no negotiation between Daniel Alves and Flamengo, in addition to stressing that he does not believe that the 38-year-old player can trade Morumbi for Gávea.

“It’s always good to emphasize, today is the 13th of September, there is nothing. I don’t believe that negotiations will happen, but it’s obvious that anything can happen. I think it’s unlikely because he’s an expensive player, even charging less, having to be adapted to another financial situation to be able to settle with a club, he is not a cheap player”, says Mauro Cezar.

“Flamengo has now hired Kenedy and Andreas Pereira, who aren’t cheap either, because they don’t pay a loan, pay salary, then increase the payroll, and David Luiz, the same situation, doesn’t pay the termination fine because he was in the market, but it’s a high salary, so I don’t think so. Besides being another veteran player, with almost 40 years, 38”, he adds.

The journalist says that even in the face of a squad with some players over 30 years old it would be difficult for the rubro-negro club to hire another one in the case of Daniel Alves.

“I think it’s difficult to happen even for this reason and I also think that even the way he left São Paulo, I don’t know how the directors face it, but today there is nothing between Flamengo and Daniel Alves, there is no negotiation , this is the information I found.

“Today there is no negotiation between Daniel Alves and Flamengo. Later, I don’t know. Do I believe it? I think it’s unlikely, especially because of the financial aspect and also that he would be another veteran player, 38 years old, a defense that already has the veteran goalkeeper , David Luiz is already 34, is coming now, Filipe Luís is also that age, so Flamengo has to rejuvenate the cast. The case of David Luiz was atypical because he is a player for the end of this season and the year next, and the need to hire a level defender because Flamengo’s best defender doesn’t play, which is Rodrigo Caio, is always injured,” he concludes.

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