MC Gui and Tiago Piquilo started with no morals at the Farm

Record prepared a very interesting party for the preview of the new A Fazenda. Rodrigo Faro led a heat, with the participation of Fabíola Reipert, Leo Dias, Nicole Bahls, Lucas Selfie and Jakelyne.

The main purpose was to announce the supposed beasts of TikTok that participate in the “Paiol”, a kind of Glass House. The program’s sponsor guaranteed an extra place this year, which will leave the dispute between the four competitors.

In addition to announcing the names of the merchandising action with pomp and circumstance, presenting to the general public figures with millions of followers that no one had ever heard of, they did a retrospective of the pawns already revealed.

As a gift, two more names were confirmed: MC Gui and Tiago, the countryman who became famous for having surgery to enlarge his penis, as in those email spams. But the exalted figures ended up being obliterated by the rest of the attraction.

Unlike all the others, there was no exclusive video or interviews with new participants. Were just cited en passant, as we say in the courts.

Fairly known, despite being infamous, MC Gui and Tiago “enlarge your penis” Piquilo started without much morale at the Farm.

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