Menin values ​​passage from Sampaoli and says who pays salaries at Galo

Hired under Sérgio Sette Câmara, the last president of Atlético-MG, Argentine coach Jorge Sampaoli is still a subject among Alvinegro fans. Currently at the Olympique de Marseille, in France, the captain took the Rooster to third place in the 2020 Brazilian Championship and was fundamental in the team’s reconstruction process.

During an interview with Breno Galante channel (Youtube), held this Monday (13), businessman Rubens Menin, main patron of the club from Minas Gerais, spoke about the legacy of the Argentine that can be identified in the team that currently leads the Brasileirão and is currently in the semifinals of the Libertadores and in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

“I don’t speak badly of Sampaoli. He is a very different coach, he didn’t leave Atlético ‘zero’, because he was very important in the signings that the club made last year”, stressed the also great adviser of the club.

“When Sampaoli came to Atlético, the truth needs to be said, nobody wanted to play here. I couldn’t hire a football director, I couldn’t hire a coach, Atlético had a very bad reputation in the market. The Hulk wouldn’t have come. last year, Diego Costa would not have come in the past. Sampaoli was important for this change. He made nominations of players who are here today, standing out, who were his,” he added.

Also according to Menin, Sampaoli had a great participation in the onslaughts of Atlético-MG in the market and in the credibility that the club achieved with renowned athletes.

“Maybe Sampaoli was the ideal coach, who changed Atlético’s vision. From his arrival, Atlético started to be seen in a different way. There were some unforeseen events, Sampaoli is not an easy guy, but he did his job . What Cuca did, and with great competence, is to pick up Sampaoli’s base and work it out. The team is more rounded, organized, maybe has a better squad, but Cuca recovered some players who hadn’t been playing much,” he said .

Salaries at Atlético-MG

Another point raised by Menin was in relation to Atlético-MG’s payroll, which is around R$ 13/14 million.

“The salaries are paid by Atlético. Atlético hires and pays. When we got a loan for the club, it was to hire players, everyone knows that,” explained Menin.

“When he sold the Marrony [cerca de 4,5 milhões de euros], we have not received anything. Our debt is at the end of the line and is interest-free. So, we have a lot to transform at Atlético and return money to us. We are not doing something lightly. We know. It has bigger obligations. Atlético needed to sell Marrony, they needed to make room. We lighten the sheet. We took a player who earned a certain amount and we put a player with a better level who earns half,” he concluded.