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Cell phone headphones are essential accessories for anyone who enjoys listening to music or watching movies and series on the smartphone. It is also a companion for those who spend all day on the street and want to be entertained with a playlist on Amazon Prime Music, Deezer or Spotify. There are simpler models, with connector cable, and more advanced versions with Bluetooth connection and powerful drivers. The Motorola SH006 is a low-priced option that costs around R$40 on Amazon.

For users looking for more advanced alternatives, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ offers two AKG-signed speakers, in addition to promising intense highs and deep bass for around R$ 415. In the following list, companies like Apple, JBL , Philips present models of mobile headphones. Check out the selection made by TechAll with eight options to buy in 2021.

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Mobile headset: Apple, Samsung, JBL offer mobile headset options for prices starting at R$40 — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

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The Motorola SH006 mobile phone headset is a cheaper alternative for sale in Brazil. The input model is in-ear format and connects via P2 cable to the smartphone. It can also be used on other electronics that have this gateway. The 10mm driver can be considered basic and caters to less demanding audiences. To buy it, you need to pay R$40.

1.2 meter cable provides microphone and control for answering calls or pausing music and other media. The headset also promises to reduce external noise and leave the sound clean for consumers.

The Motorola SH006 WH is an in-ear headphone model that has an integrated microphone — Photo: Publicity/Motorola

The Philips TAUH201 mobile phone headset is a headset format. It is connected via a 1.2 meter cable with input P2. The company promises that the sound reproduced by the model delivers clarity and well-balanced bass. The cushions are described as soft, not hurting the ears while the user is listening to music or watching a series. The purchase price is around R$88.

The accessory also offers noise cancellation for outside noises and for conversations made by phone, audio recordings and other situations. Microphone echo can also be reduced with the technology that the model offers.

Philips TAUH201 is a headset with cable to connect to the cell phone — Photo: Publicity/Philips

The Samsung IG935 model is in-ear and has 8mm dynamic drivers. For users looking for faster audio transfer, the headset has the gold-plated P2 plug. This promises that the sound quality is even better and that there are fewer crashes in playback. Its price is around R$89.

The handset is connected by a cable that has control for volume adjustment and other functions. Although most models of this type have the rubber thread, the brand highlights the braided cable with thread as a differential. This feature can prevent the handset from breaking more easily or curling up frequently.

Samsung’s IG935 model is an input headphone that features a gold-plated P2 plug — Photo: Press Release/Samsung

The JBL Tune 115BT Mobile Headset is the first model on the list to connect via Bluetooth. It works through two in-ear bases, connected to each other by a flat cable that is supported behind the neck, without the need to place it directly on the smartphone. The material of the wire is made of plastic and promises not to curl up due to the flat format. The phone costs an average of R$139 in Brazil.

Its battery has an autonomy of around eight hours with constant use, which guarantees plenty of music for consumers. Furthermore, the drivers are designed with 8.5 mm, which promises well-balanced bass and treble.

JBL Tune 115BT has three silicone tips for the user to choose the best option — Photo: Disclosure/JBL

For iPhone users, the EarPods Lightning model is available for around R$ 197. The accessory works only with Apple cell phones due to its specific connector. They are in-ear and are designed not to let out sound while the consumer is listening to music or watching movies on the cell phone.

On the cable you can find the microphone, in addition to the control to adjust the volume, play and pause songs playing on the smartphone and answer calls. The EarPods Lightning headset works not only on cell phones, but also on iPads and iPods that support the jack.

Model is in-ear and promises not to leak sound while playing music — Photo: Thássius Veloso/TechTudo

Another headphone model for Apple cell phones is the Belkin G3H0002. This option also works with the Lightning connector, which is suitable for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The manufacturer company promises high sound quality, in addition to comfort with the in-ear bases. The value in the Brazilian market starts at R$333.

Two features that can be highlighted are water resistance and noise insulation. If the consumer leaves with the accessory in the rain, he doesn’t have to worry about protecting it. The cable offers microphone, control for adjustments and flat shape.

Belkin G3H0002 Mobile Headset Replaces Apple’s Original Options — Photo: Press Release/Belkin

The Galaxy Buds+ mobile headset is one of the most famous on the list. Samsung promises two dynamic speakers, with quality between treble and bass. Furthermore, its connection is via Bluetooth, without the need for cables to connect it to the smartphone. The accessory can be purchased for figures starting at R$ 415.

The model can have up to 22 hours of battery life between headphones and case. It also comes with wireless charging technology. The microphones also have a noise reduction function.

Galaxy Buds+ promises up to 22 hours of battery life — Photo: Yuri Hildebrand/TechTudo

Apple’s AirPods Pro promises high sound quality with adaptive equalization and a high-amplitude driver. For those who enjoy making video calls or listening to movies and series on public transport, the Apple headset promises total noise cancellation and an immersive experience. The ambient mode allows users to listen to their music and also hear what happens around them.

With so many features, the price is high and the accessory requires the investment of figures from R$2,000. The model is connected via Bluetooth 5.0 and comes with a carrying case.

AirPods Pro brings adaptive EQ technology that promises high audio performance to Apple’s headset — Photo: Press Release/Apple

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