Naiara Azevedo’s ex is already with another

Looks like the line moved! Rafael Cabral, ex-husband of singer Naiara Azevedo, already has a new affair. A source in the column LeoDias says that the businessman is in a mood of romance with a girl from Espírito Santo, and that they were together during the last weekend, in Mato Grosso.

Interestingly, Naiara Azevedo and Rafael Cabral also removed the photos together from Instagram, including the post in which they both officially announced the end of their five-year marriage.


It is worth remembering that adding the time of dating to marriage, they were together for eight years. As published by the column, in October 2020, when they completed four years of marriage, Naiara admitted to constant fights and a troubled relationship.

the end

In August of this year there was strong speculation about the end of the sertaneja’s marriage. The relationship was already in crisis and was going through fights, according to sources. Naiara and Rafael denied the claims and granted an interview to the column.

“There was no fight! We didn’t fight, there wasn’t an argument, there was no betrayal, there wasn’t anything,” said the singer. Rafael also added that the decision was consensual: “We decided together. We understood that our relationship needed a break. Today Naiara and I live an incompatibility of ideas, thoughts, time, projects! The moment we are living today is being very different for both parties”.

The ex-couple, however, remains firm in the professional field and continues to work together, guaranteed Rafael: Our personal relationship has nothing to do with our work. It will continue in the same way, because the friendship will continue in the same way”.