NBB announces table, and Flamengo and São Paulo face off in their debut | basketball

The National Basketball League announced, on Monday, the table of games for the first phase of the NBB, season 2021-2022. Flamengo and São Paulo, the two finalists of the last edition and two of the teams with the greatest investment, open the competition on October 23, at Tricolor’s home.

This year, there will be 17 teams in the dispute, with seven states and the Federal District represented. The classification phase has turn and return. The top 12 qualify for the playoffs. The first four go straight to the quarterfinals. The other eight teams compete for the round of 16.

Bennet and Yago defend São Paulo and Flamengo in the final of NBB 2021 — Photo: João Pires/LDB

At the end of the first round, the Copa Super 8 will give the champion a place in the Champions League Americas, the continent’s main competition. The tournament will be played by the top eight of the NBB so far in January 2022.

Check out the first games

10/23 (Saturday)
Time to be defined – São Paulo x Flamengo

10/25 (Monday)
8:30 pm – Corinthians x Minas Tennis Club

10/26 (Tuesday)
7pm – Bauru Basket x Sesi Franca
20h – São Paulo x Cerrado
20h – Pines x Rio Claro

10/27 (Wednesday)
20h – Fortaleza Basketball Cearense x Unifacisa
8:30 pm – Corinthians x Flamengo Union

10/28 (Thursday)
7:30 pm – Pato Branco x Corinthians
7:30 pm – Bauru Basket x Rio Claro
20h – Basketball Mogi x Paulistano
20h – Pines x Sesi Franca

10/29 (Friday)
20h – Caxias do Sul x Flamengo
20h – São Paulo x Brasilia

NBB Participating Clubs

Bauru Basket (SP)
Brasilia Basketball (DF)
Cerrado (DF)
Caxias do Sul Basketball (RS)
Paulistano (SP)
Flamengo (RJ)
Pines (SP)
Fortaleza Basketball Cearense (CE)
Minas Tennis Club (MG)
Basketball Mogi (SP)
Basketball Duck (PR)
Rio Claro (SP)
Sao Paulo-SP)
Sesi Franca (SP)
Corinthians (SP)
Uniface (PB)
Corinthians Union (RS)