Neto sees Atlético-GO’s cool goal at Corinthians and blames Cássio: Frango

TV Band presenter and commentator, Neto blamed Cássio for Atlético-GO’s equalizer in the match between Goiás and Corinthians for the Campeonato Brasileiro yesterday (13), which ended in a draw 1-1.

In the former player’s opinion, the move – seen by many fans as controversial – was cool and the goal could have been avoided by the Corinthians goalkeeper. Neto also defended that Willian has been left out, arguing that the player himself agreed to quarantine when entering the country.

“Atletico-GO’s goal against Corinthians was cool. Sorry Corinthians, but Cassio is wrong to take a chicken from that one. The guy goes up, Cassio inside the goal, he doesn’t do the diagonal. to score Zé Roberto? The defender who has to score. Oh, João Victor! Oh, Raul Gustavo! Now, it was a cool goal,” said Neto at Os Donos da Bola, today.

“Now, the fans will be crying: ‘Oh, Miranda’s goal’, ‘ah, because Willian’. But didn’t he sign that he had to be quarantined? What was he doing there? Today would be 13 days. play the next game. Didn’t you sign that you had to quarantine? Why was it at the party? Why did Corinthians take you there? Then they’ll say that Bolsonaro left on a motorcycle, but Lula’s people also left. Who’s right “Right is right. Didn’t you sign there?”, added the presenter.