New Features: Updated Google Home with Connection Speed ​​Test and more

The new functionality allows you to test the connection speed with a Nest device, so you can check what the problem is on a device that takes a long time to respond, for example.

The connection speed test is available in the menu: WiFi > Devices > (Device Name) > Information. A new section called “Device Speed” will be available. Just access it and the screens below will be displayed.

In addition, it was also noted that the app also allows you to manage the level of access your internet provider has to Google/Nest WiFi devices. Access can be revoked at any time, but releasing it gives the following information access to your provider:

Basic information such as your network’s offline/online status, router software version and router installation history will be shared with your ISP so that your ISP can provide your internet service and manage and improve your network in accordance with its privacy policy. This will allow your ISP to do things like detect when your Wi-Fi router is offline and restart it as needed, run speed tests, and change your Wi-Fi network settings to improve your experience.

The above excerpt was taken directly from Google Home, but it’s still not possible to say with certainty whether the access would be valid for all operators or just for subscribers of Google WiFi, which provides up to two points for free in the US.