New wing of Hospital Regional de Sorriso welcomes first patients

The new wing of the Hospital Regional de Sorriso received, this Sunday (12.09), the first patients for care. R$ 10.5 million were invested in the modernization and expansion of the health unit in order to provide various specialties and quality in the service offered to the population.

The new space was delivered on August 23 and, before starting the services, it underwent, this weekend, a review of the gas network and the compressor.

“We are happy to offer the patient, in addition to adequate care for their clinical condition, a beautiful and modern space with the same quality as private hospitals”, says the hospital’s director, Ione Carvalho.

The expanded area has 10 ICU beds and 29 infirmary beds, which will initially be used to serve various specialties, aiming at the resumption and advancement of elective surgeries. It is estimated that around 100 elective surgeries are performed per month at the Hospital Regional de Sorriso.

Of the BRL 10.5 million invested in the healthcare unit, BRL 8 million were invested in the building structure and BRL 2.5 million in the acquisition of equipment and furniture. The renovation allowed the completion of the kitchen work and the modernization of the reception and roof, in addition to the expansion of 1,923.54 square meters in structure.

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