Neymar cites institute and rebuts Patricia Pillar for the 2nd time

Neymar and Patricia Pillar continued to exchange barbs on Twitter. The player countered the actress’s new criticism and cited Instituto Neymar Jr. as his “most beautiful goal” – the non-profit association works with young people who live in a situation of social vulnerability on the coast of São Paulo.

It all started when the actress said that it was “regrettable” Neymar talk about passing Pelé in the artillery of the Brazilian team, while the former player remains hospitalized. Pelé has been at Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo since August 31, where he underwent surgery to remove a suspicious tumor in the right colon.

Patricia’s tweets were published right after Neymar’s interview, after Brazil’s victory against Peru, last Thursday (9). He stated that “if God wills and everything goes well, it will be an honor to pass Pelé”. The King has 77 goals for the national team in official games, according to FIFA accounts, against 69 for Neymar.

“Neymar disappoints me more every day. Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely regrettable”, wrote the actress. She then responded to a follower who defended Neymar. “Pelé is in the hospital, it wasn’t time,” he published.

Neymar, on the other hand, responded to Pillar’s message today, with emojis crying with laughter, and wrote: “Oh, I have to stop scoring now.”

Shortly after, the actress returned to commenting on the matter and published another tweet in the exchange of messages: “For the sake of empathy and politeness, it was not time to say that I would spend Pelé in the artillery. It’s these delicacies of life that maybe you still have have not learned”.

Neymar answered the actress again, this time with the link to the player’s institute website. “My most beautiful goal. For empathy and delicacy, take a look there”, posted the number 10.