No Parts, Toyota Will Stop Corolla Factory for Ten Days – Economy

SAO PAUL – A Toyota informed this Monday, 13, that it will stop for ten days of next month the factory where it produces the sedan Corolla, in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo, for lack of parts.

Production at the site will stop between October 13 and 22, when employees take collective vacations. As there is a weekend at the end of this period, the return to activities will only take place on October 25th.

In a statement, the automaker says that the shutdown has become “inevitable” despite all efforts to manage the lack of inputs. It does not clarify, however, which components are missing from the Corolla line.

According to Toyota, production continues at the Sorocaba plant, which was halted, also for ten days, due to lack of parts in August, as well as at the São Bernardo do Campo units, where it produces parts, and Porto Feliz (engines) .

The lack of components has hampered the production of the Auto Industry, according to the amfavea, entity that represents the companies. In August, vehicle manufacturing had the worst result for the month in 18 years.

In total, only 164 thousand units were assembled in the country, a number 21.9% lower than in the same month last year. Over the month of July this year, production was stable, with growth of 0.3%.