Opposition defines Mario Giannini as candidate to face Leila Pereira in election

The members of the groups that were the current opposition in the palm trees defined Mario Giannini as the name that will face Leila Pereira in the club’s next presidential election, scheduled for the month of November, according to the ESPN.com.br in this Monday.

According to people heard by the report, the name of Giannini has not yet been made official and registered for the dispute.

However, there is already an agreement between the currents led by former presidents Paulo Nobre and Mustafá Contursi, who are the most influential behind the scenes, and Mario should even be appointed as Leila’s rival in the election.

Thus, who is left out is Savério Orlandi, former football director of Verdão, who was interviewed by ESPN.com.br last week.

According to the report, Orlandi agreed to stay out of the election so that the opposition can launch a single candidate, reducing the division of votes and increasing the chances of victory over Leila Pereira, who is a wide favorite in the dispute.



Saverio Orlandi spoke in an exclusive interview with ESPN.com.br

Giannini is a well-known name behind the scenes in Palmeira and had an active participation in past administrations at Alviverde.

He was director of Mustafá under the presidency of Mustafá Contursi, and later acted as soccer vice runner when Arnaldo Tirone occupied the top position at Palestra Itália.

It is noteworthy that, to participate in the presidential election, each slate still needs to go through a “filter” in the Deliberative Council of Palmeiras, with the support of at least 15% of the councilors.

If approved, the slate can compete in the election, which is decided by votes of club members.