Pernambuco sets booster dose against Covid-19 for September 25

  (Photo: Arnaldo Sete/DP Photo)
Photo: Arnaldo Sete/DP Photo
The State Department of Health (SES-PE) promoted, this Monday (13), a meeting of the Bipartite Inter-Management Commission (CIB) with the municipalities of Pernambuco to discuss and agree on the use of the booster dose of vaccines against Covid-19 ( 3rd dose) – which should be aimed at elderly people over 70 years of age and severely immunosuppressed – in addition to defining a large mobilization for the application of the second dose throughout the State – with the objective of increasing the number of people with the complete vaccination schedule.

“We agreed to a large mobilization for the application of the second dose, involving all municipalities in Pernambuco, with “D-Day” being defined on September 25. This call together with the cities is essential for us to jointly advance immunization in our State and guarantee continuity of the scheme, since more than 600,000 doses, from various manufacturers, are behind schedule. The proposal is that the municipalities carry out their strategic actions starting next week, which should culminate in D-Day, boosting our coverage of the second dose We cannot forget, also, the presence of the delta variant virus in circulation in our State”, affirmed the State Secretary of Health, André Longo.

For the administration of booster vaccines against Covid-19 (3rd dose), the strategy to be adopted, initially, is the application of doses to all elderly people over 70 years of age, which should occur six months after the last dose of the vaccination schedule ( second dose or single dose), regardless of the immunizing agent applied. For the elderly who live in Long-Term Institutions, vaccination can already be performed over 60 years of age.

Another group to be benefited are individuals with a high degree of immunosuppression (transplants, people living with HIV/AIDS, individuals undergoing chemotherapy, in addition to hemodialysis patients). In this group, the interval for the booster dose should be 28 days after the last dose of the basic regimen. The vaccine to be used for the additional dose should preferably be Pfizer or, alternatively, Janssen or Astrazeneca.

“In principle, according to the Ministry of Health, these two groups should be favored. However, with the advance of vaccination in other age groups, depending on the evolution of the epidemic in the country, as well as the emergence of new scientific evidence, administration of additional doses for other groups may be considered”, pointed out the superintendent of Immunizations of the State, Ana Catarina de Melo. The booster doses should be distributed to municipalities from September 15, the date set by the MS for sending the immunizers to the state.

“As soon as the doses reach the state, we call on these groups to take the 3rd dose of the vaccine, as we know it is important to ensure more efficient immunity against the virus. We also know that the second dose of the vaccine is essential for not worsening the cases, therefore, the municipalities are committed to this great mobilization that will take place next week,” stated the president of the Council of Municipal Health Secretariats of Pernambuco (Cosems-PE), José Edson de Souza.