Pilar announces decision to Teresa

In the next chapters of in the times of the emperor, the end of your engagement with Samuel (Michel Gomes) causes cornerstone (Gabriela Medvedovski) Go back and reconsider the opportunity to study medicine at Boston College.

The relationship came to an end after Tonic (Alexandre Nero) convince Pains (Júlia Freitas) to invent a lie for her sister and say that she saw Samuel (Michel Gomes) kissing with Luisa (Mariana Ximenes).


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Very shaken by the separation, the young woman prepares her bags and waits for Teresa Cristina (Leticia Sabatella) in the salon. The empress is surprised by the young woman’s attitude, which is explained. “Good morning, Your Majesty. Sorry to show up like this unannounced, but it’s urgent. I broke off my engagement with Samuel, I’m not getting married anymore”, confesses.

Which?“, returns the wife of Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello), very surprised by the news. “I decided to accept the scholarship that you and the Emperor got for me. Is it still on time? Because I’m ready to ship to America as soon as possible!“, advertises.

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