Pinning iPhone to Motorcycle Handlebar Could Damage Cell Phone Camera, Apple Says – Link

iPhone camera can screw up with intense vibrations

iPhone camera can screw up with intense vibrations

Riding a motorcycle with the iPhone attached to the vehicle’s handlebars can damage the cell phone’s camera system. The alert was issued on Friday, 10, by Apple, which now warns its customers that some components of the camera may no longer function properly if exposed to vibrations caused by high-powered motorcycles – the new documentation is intended to alert mainly those who make continuous use of the stand to transport the device.

The message mentions two systems that are susceptible to damage: optical image stabilization (OIS) and closed-loop autofocus (AF), both responsible for decreasing vibration when capturing images, which ensures cleaner photos and videos. Both OIS and AF use the gyroscope and other magnetic sensors, which are affected by the direct vibration of vehicle engines.

“OIS and AF systems are built for durability. However, as with many electronics that have systems such as OIS, in the long term, direct exposure to high amplitude vibrations within the range of certain frequencies can degrade the performance of these systems and reduce the quality of photos and videos. It is recommended that you avoid exposing your iPhone to high-amplitude vibrations,” says the message from Apple.

While initially citing high horsepower vehicles, the manufacturer does not recommend the use of handlebar mounts even on low horsepower vehicles such as scooters. In the past, users who fixed their cell phones to bicycles, such as those used for hiking, also noticed damage to the cell phone’s camera.

This is also not the first time Apple has issued a warning about potential damage to the gyroscope. For example, accessories with magnets near the device are not recommended. All mobile phone models from the iPhone 7 (in addition to the iPhone‌ 6 Plus and the ‌iPhone‌ 6s Plus) have OIS and AF and can be affected by motorcycle rides. Time to put the pet in your pocket.