Pirani, from Santos, shows confidence: “If we do what we train, we will leave with the classification”

Gabriel Pirani is optimistic about the classification of Santos against Athletico this Tuesday, at 9:30 pm (GMT), in Vila Belmiro, for the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil.

Peixe lost 1-0 in the Arena da Baixada and needs a two-goal difference to advance in normal time. Another win by one over balance takes the decision to penalties. Hurricane has the tie advantage.

“They won there, but we need to win again at home. We charge ourselves a lot internally for the triumph in the Vila. Athletico didn’t get far in the championships for nothing. They have quality and we respect them. However, we know that we need to do our part and forget about theirs. They have the advantage, but we have to play our game. I’m sure that if we do what we trained today, we’ll come out with this classification tomorrow”, said Pirani.

The midfielder also commented on his first days with coach Fábio Carille.

“It’s a different game model from what we were used to, but we also liked it a lot and we’re learning. Always absorb a little of each person who passes here is very important. And with Professor Carille it will be no different. He is a leader and we are learning a lot to put it into practice tomorrow and get this place”, concluded the shirt 20.

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