Police officers will have special conditions to finance a house of up to R$ 300 thousand

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) issued a provisional measure, this Monday (13/9), which creates the “Habite Seguro”, a housing program aimed at professionals in the country’s Public Security.

According to the government, members of the Unified Public Security System (Susp), such as police officers, firefighters, prison guards and members of municipal guards, may join the program. They will have subsidies and special conditions for the purchase of their own home.

According to the Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, Habite Seguro complies with the provisions of the law that created the Susp, which provides for the support and promotion of a housing system for public security and social defense professionals.

During a ceremony at the Planalto Palace, the president also issued a decree detailing the criteria and conditions for participating in the program. Only public safety professionals who:

  • have a monthly income of up to R$7 thousand;
  • do not have their own property;
  • opt for a new or used property with an appraised value of up to R$300 thousand.

Financing may be made with Caixa Econômica Federal, which will define the operating rules to be observed, financial management and budget control for the program.

According to the bank, the subsidy can reach R$ 2,100 for the hiring fee and up to R$ 12 thousand in the down payment, and also be added to the subsidy granted by the Casa Verde e Amarela Program, also of the federal government.

Conditions, agreement and start of the program

According to the federal government, the conditions of the Habite Seguro program will be available from November 3rd of this year. Interested professionals must prove their employment relationship with a public security agency.

Below, see Caixa’s main mortgage loan options for joining the program.

For the acquisition of houses, apartments and land owned by the bank, the financing may be up to 100% of the sale value with funds from the SBPE. In this case, no entry fee will be charged and a period of up to 35 years will be offered to pay.

“There are differentiated rates in the CAIXA Savings modality, from 2.50% pa, added to the additional remuneration of savings and debt balance updated monthly by TR [taxa referencial]. In this modality, the customer can also opt for a grace period of six months to start the payment of the installment of interest and amortization”, explained Caixa.