Pop-it: like monkey launched toy fever that relieves stress

  • ben king
  • BBC News Business Reporter

Child's hand playing with a rubber briqnued with several balls to squeeze

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Sensory toys activate several senses, such as touch, sight and hearing

New toy in fashion for children (and adults), the pop-it is a piece of silicone covered with small bumps that can be pushed from side to side, making an oddly satisfying noise. It is a kind of “fidget toy” (toy for restlessness, in literal translation), in other words, an anti-stress toy to keep moving when your hands are restless.

Pop-its appeared seemingly out of nowhere last year in stores and on the internet, and this year they have become an international craze.

But what appears to be a fashion that emerged overnight is actually a forty-year-old toy. He owes his recent success to the influence of a North Carolina capuchin monkey, who has a large following on social media.

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The original prototype of the game, from 1975

The original

The original pop-it was the brainchild of two game designers: Theo and Ora Coster. They invented over 190 games, including Face to Face – a deduction game that has been translated into many languages ​​around the world.