Rafaella suggests that Patrícia Pillar ‘review Neymar’s interview’

Rafaella Santos, Neymar’s sister, took a stand on the conversation between the Brazilian national team striker and Patrícia Pillar. From the influencer’s point of view, the actress would need to review the player’s interview to understand what he meant by his talk about ‘passing Pelé’.

“I think you have to see the interview again, ma’am,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

Neymar countered Patricia Pillar’s criticism on Twitter after the actress said it was “regrettable” that the player spoke of taking over the artillery of the national team, which belongs to the former player.

“Neymar disappoints me more every day. Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely regrettable”, wrote the actress. Neymar, on the other hand, responded to Pillar’s message today, with emojis crying with laughter, and wrote: “Oh, I have to stop scoring now.”

Shortly after, the actress returned to commenting on the matter and published another tweet in the exchange of messages: “For the sake of empathy and politeness, it was not time to say that I would spend Pelé in the artillery. It’s these delicacies of life that maybe you still have have not learned”.

Neymar answered the actress again, this time with the link to the player’s institute website. “My most beautiful goal. For empathy and delicacy, take a look there”, posted the number 10.

Rafaella, Neymar's sister, on Patricia Pillar's lines about the attacker - Instagram - Instagram

Rafaella, Neymar’s sister, on Patricia Pillar’s speeches about the attacker

Image: Instagram