Raízen partner, brother of Rubens Ometto, 3 children, wife and pilots: who are the victims of the accident in Piracicaba | Piracicaba and Region

  • Plane crashes in forest area and seven people die in Piracicaba
  • Video shows the despair of people at the airport when they see a plane crash

Celso Silveira was the brother of the chairman of the company’s Board of Directors, billionaire Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello. A list released by Forbes magazine in 2013 named Brazilian businessman Rubens Ometto among the 10 “greenest” billionaires in the world that year. In the list, the magazine cites billionaires in the “clean energy” sector. Cosan is one of the largest sugarcane producers and processors and one of the largest ethanol producers in the world.

See who the victims are:

  • Celso Silveira Mello Filho, 73 years old
  • Maria Luiza Meneghel, 71 years old
  • Celso Meneghel Silveira Mello, 46 ​​years old
  • Camila Meneghel Silveira Mello Zanforlin, 48 years old
  • Fernando Meneghel Silveira Mello, 46 ​​years old
  • Pilot: Celso Elias Carloni, 39 years old
  • Co-pilot: Giovani Dedini Gulo, 24 years old

Safety circuit records the moment when the plane crashes in the forest area of ​​Piracicaba

Safety circuit records the moment when the plane crashes in the forest area of ​​Piracicaba

Celso Silveira Mello Filho

The 73-year-old businessman was an economist, and has already participated in the general coordination of the implementation of projects at Usina Costa Pinto S/A – Açúcar e Álcool, where he took part in the increase in the alcohol production capacity.

Mello Filho held positions in companies with activities in the states of São Paulo, Paraná, Tocantins and Pará: Chief Executive Officer of SM Agropecuária LTDA; Managing Partner of Consultoria Certo and Assessoria Econômica S/S LTDA; Chief Executive Officer of Rio Cortado Agropecuária S/A; Chief Executive Officer of Vale Bonito Agropecuária S/A; Chief Executive Officer of CSM Agropecuária LTDA; Chief Executive Officer of the Faculty of Education, Culture and Technology of Amazônia S/A.

Maria Luiza Meneghel accompanies her husband, businessman Celso Silveira Mello Filho, in a ceremony at the City Council of Piracicaba (SP). — Photo: Playback/EPTV

He was also president of Esporte Clube XV de Piracicaba. The team posted a note on social media regretting the case. “The XV de Piracicaba deeply regrets the death of Celso Silveira Mello Filho, his wife, children and other crew victims of the crash of the aircraft in which they were present on Tuesday (14).”

Businessman Celso Silveira Mello, 73, and his wife Maria Luisa Meneghel in Piracicaba (SP). — Photo: Playback/EPTV

The twins Celso and Fernando

One of the entrepreneur’s sons, Fernando Mello, was a sport shooting athlete. He was South American champion and even represented Brazil at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, in the Olympic pit category.

the other son, Celso Mello, was an autocross driver since his teens. He was three-time Brazilian autocross champion (2011, 2012 and 2017), a sport that was also practiced by his father.

According to the firefighters, the plane left Piracicaba Airport bound for Pará and crashed soon after, just before 9:00 am, in a green area next to the São Paulo State Technology Faculty (Fatec).

The video at the beginning of the report shows the moment when the plane crashes at the bottom of a condominium. After hitting some eucalyptus trees during the fall, the aircraft exploded and started a forest fire.

According to Piracicaba City Hall, the King Air B200 model airplane left Pedro Morganti Municipal Airport and the crash happened about 15 seconds after take-off, in a eucalyptus plantation.

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