Reality show star gives details of sex with Portuguese football player: “Smallest micropenis I’ve ever seen”

Look at this uplifting little gossip! Mari Cielo Pajares is known for her participation in the Spanish reality show “La Casa Fuerte 2” and also for being a former porn actress. Now, the girl decided to narrate the sexual experience she had with a Portuguese football player and revealed that the ace would supposedly have a “micropenis”.

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The small revelation was made in his biography “Memoirs of a Whore” – “Memoirs of a Whore”, in free translation – and the reality show star gave details of how the meeting with the footballer was. “It was early in the morning that the Portuguese player decided it was time for us to go to bed. When he took off his underwear… I knew without a doubt that this was the smallest micropenis I had ever seen in my life. To masturbate I would need tweezers, a microscope and a GPS”, declared. My God!

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Mari Cielo Pajares talks about sexual intercourse with a Portuguese football player (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

This Monday (13), Mari gave an interview to Diez Minutos magazine and provided more details about the not-so-wonderful vuco vuco with the famous Portuguese: “NWe had sex several times. He had a really impressive abs and back. But when he took off his underwear, I just thought ‘goodbye’. It was like a small worm lost in the middle of the Amazon Forest”.

Also during the chat with the Spanish vehicle, Pajares stated that he would not say who the player is: “I’ll never say who it is because I don’t want to ruin his life.” Despite not revealing the identity of the boleiro, the girl stated that he is considered “very cute“. Any guesses from who it is?