Reality star accuses soccer player: Meet Mari Pajares

Mari Cielo Pajares caused controversy when she told about an affair she had with a Portuguese football player who supposedly had a micropenis. The actress participated in the Spanish reality show “La Cara Fuerte 2” and made the revelations in her book “Memoirs of a Whore” (or ‘Memoirs of a Whore’, in Portuguese).

In the work, she says that “it was early in the morning that the Portuguese player decided it was time” to go to bed.

When he took off his underwear… I knew without a doubt that this was the smallest micropenis I had ever seen. Mari Cielo Pajares

According to the actress and former producer of adult content, it wasn’t just once that she and the player, whose identity was not revealed, had a relationship.

Mari is an actress and writer, who launched the work with revelations and the book “13 Curvas”. She also defines herself as a film director and opened an account on the adult social network OnlyFans, created during the coronavirus pandemic.

The author participated in the Spanish reality show “La Cara Fuerte 2” in 2020, but was the first eliminated from the competition.

Mari Cielo Pajares - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Mari Cielo Pajares, reality star and former porn star

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Born in Madrid and with passage in the United States, Mari Cielo is the daughter of the legendary Spanish actor Andrés Pajares, winner of the Goya Award for Best Leading Actor in 1991, one of the most recognized in the Spanish territory.

Among his main works, the actor has in his resume films like “Alan, Carmela!” (1990), “Makinavaja, el last choriso” (1992), and “Bwana” (1996), chosen as the Spanish representative for an Oscar the following year—but was never nominated.

But Mari and her father don’t share a good relationship. In the description of her profile when entering the reality, Mari remembers that she had a serious accident in 2017 and her father did not visit her. He preferred to take a vacation in Morocco.

Psychologically he crushes me, he judges too much. You feel very judged when you talk to him. Mari Cielo Pajares

At the time, Mari was run over in Barcelona, ​​with 12 stitches in her head and wounds on her body.

According to her, her father was an idol since childhood and her desire to act came from her work. However, her father was not present due to work and her mother worked outside the home, with her grandmother being responsible for her upbringing.

The actress entered the reality show as a single. In 2001, she married Hugo Alberto González, but the relationship lasted for about three years.

Last year, Mari decided to open an account on OnlyFans, justifying the need for money, as the sources of her income were closed. According to her interview with “Sálvame”, from Telecinco, her father judged her to be producing content.

He judged me and made irrelevant judgments. With my father, the communication ended when I was hit by the car and he didn’t come to see me and went on vacation with his girlfriend. Now your wife, I think. Mari Cielo Pajares