Reserva de A Fazenda 13, Camarguinho is released by Record

It wasn’t this time! Camarguinho, brother of Zezé di Camargo, who was listed as one of the reserves in the cast of A Fazenda 13, made a record inside the plane, returning home. In the last edition, Marina Ferrari was the one who was left out of the game for R$ 1.5 million.

Camarguinho was quick and has already left his statement on social media: “I’m back to my comfort, everything in God’s time. A great week for all of us. Let’s go with faith in God that everything works out”, he said.


The web lamented the cut of Camarguinho, who was already excited by the possibility of seeing him in reality. Speculation grew even more after Rodrigo Carelli, the program’s director, announced at last Thursday’s (9/9) press conference that there were two famous people confined on the waiting list.

Farm 13 opens next Tuesday (14/9) and still this Monday, from 10:45 pm (13/9), the preview of the reality will take place. Record has already invited the public to follow live the announcement of the four missing pawns at Paiol Tik Tok.