Rubens Menin explains who pays the salaries of Rooster players

The manager was asked if the group of 4Rs are responsible for paying off some salaries of the club’s athletes

Atlético has stood out with big names in the squad and managed to face in all the competitions it disputes this season. The turn of key at the club was only possible with the support of the group called 4Rs, headed by businessman Rubens Menin.

These investors help Galo financially, especially when hiring athletes, but are they also responsible for the payroll? Rubens Menin, in an interview with journalist Breno Galante’s channel, responded.

“The salaries are paid by Atlético. Atlético hires and pays. When we got a loan from Atlético, it was to hire players, everyone knows that”, explained Menin.

With the sale of striker Marrony, made official in August 2021, Galo collected 4.5 million euros, about R$27.6 million. The value belongs to the club and does not pass through the investors, according to Menin, even entrepreneurs spending money with the club.

“When he sold Marrony, we didn’t get anything. Our debt is at the end of the line and is interest-free. So, we have a lot to transform at Atlético and return money to us. We are not doing something lightly. We know. It has bigger obligations. Atlético needed to sell Marrony, they needed to make room. We lighten the sheet. We took a player who earned a certain amount and we placed a player with a better level that earns half”, said the investor in an interview.

Rubens Menin did not leave his fan part aside and made a point of praising the Atletico squad, which had seven players called up by their national teams to compete in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. For him, other Atlético players also deserve a spot in their teams .

“The worst thing for a football team is to hire a very expensive player and he doesn’t deliver. If you hire a player who earns well and delivers, that’s what we want. It’s like that at Atlético today. Three players in the main selection of Brazil, it was because of the problem of the English, but they are players who deserve it. Arana is a wonderful left-back, Hulk is at his peak, he deserves any selection. Our goalkeeper, Everson, I really like him. I think he is a ‘goalkeeper’ and had his chance. In addition to players from other teams, there are others who are not and should be like Nacho and Zaracho. It’s a very good team, a big squad,” stated Menin.

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