Samara Felippo vents about an episode of racism with her youngest daughter at school

Samara Felippo and her daughters (Photo: Reproduction)Samara Felippo and her daughters (Photo: Reproduction)

Samara Felippo vented about an episode of racism suffered by her youngest daughter, Lara, 8 years old, at school. The girl was called names by a friend and only reported the episode a week after it happened:

– Lara came telling me that a little friend of hers called her a boring little black girl: “ah, you annoying little black girl”. But she came to tell me about it, I don’t know, a week after it happened. And then, it gave me a momentary tachycardia and I said: “Daughter, is everything ok? How did you receive this? You need to tell the teacher right away”. Because the white boy there who spoke cannot repeat that. He has to learn that this is a crime… I said: “tell him that if he doesn’t pay, his parents will pay” – said the actress in a live on Instagram.

She reported how she reacted when she learned of what had happened:

– I sent an e-mail to the school and said: “This, this and this happened and I want to know if you are going to talk to the parents”. I was even discussing this with my partner: “How are we going to start getting a positive response from society if this white boy arrives at school, who claims to be inclusive, anti-racist, but at home his parents are imbeciles, and he will repeat what the parents are saying”… And children like my daughter and so many black children who stop going to school and are hurt in early childhood, crossed by racism…


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She then blurted out:

– I was very p*. And she’s strong, you know… I said: “are you alright my love, is everything alright? Did you get offended, humiliated yourself? She replied: “No, Mom, I was just too embarrassed to speak at the time”. : “but you have to speak at the time, not only for this faculty to know, to be able to deal with the racist situation, but for this boy to learn too” – he said.

The actress then stated about what the school did after being told about the episode:

– The school called the boy and his parents together to talk to them. It was the email I received.