Santos bets on awards to have September “without sacrifices”

Santos is betting on the Brazil Cup award to have a more relaxed September financially after August of “sacrifices”.

If he eliminates Athletico this Tuesday, in Vila Belmiro, Peixe will guarantee another R$7.3 million. For this, however, Alvinegro de Fábio Carille needs to react.

Santos lost 1-0 at Arena da Baixada and have to win by two goals difference to advance in normal time and reach the semifinals. Any win by one over balance leads to penalties. Hurricane has the tie advantage.

This value would be fundamental for Santos. The August payroll was paid “in additions” on 6 September.

“The financial part won’t be resolved in a year, two or three. It’s in the medium and long term. Every day there’s something new, Rollo said that. And it’s true. These are big-value novelties. Imagine the sacrifice to honor the sheet. on the 6th. We managed it practically at seven at night, but we did. The fight is on a daily basis. The income for the second semester is low and does not hold current expenses, in addition to the high debts that we have. of the next ones, but more and more it balances itself until it is comfortable. In order to be able to invest and bring in higher-level hiring,” said President Andres Rueda.

“We made a huge sacrifice to pay the August sheet on the 6th. We have had difficulty paying since we entered January. During all these months, from January until now, we honor the sheets on the day, as well as image rights and we have a schedule of animal payment. With planning, we go after the problem before it arrives. It is difficult, but we managed to honor it,” he concluded.

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