Santos goes to CBF after Andreas Pereira, from Flamengo, did not perform a quarantine and works in Vila Belmiro

O saints complains on CBF after Andreas Pereira, from Flamengo, to work in Vila Belmiro without having completed the quarantine.

Anvisa pointed out in an official note that the midfielder was not in isolation for 14 days when he came from England, on August 20, and demanded a punishment. He trained, was on the bench against the Guild and debuted with a goal against Peixe, eight days later.

“Due to the morality of football, we filed a request with the CBF attorney’s office to point out this irregularity that actually happened. We will do it regardless of the result, but in a previous analysis we knew that the game would not be canceled or we would receive the points. It’s kind of a unanimous legal position.”

“I consulted other clubs that experienced this situation, such as Fluminense and Grêmio. But regardless of the points, it is Santos’ obligation to register dissatisfaction about what happened. And it’s being done. No later than tomorrow we will file this complaint with the CBF”, said president Andres Rueda, at a meeting of the Deliberative Council this Monday.

Flamengo would not lose the points, but Andreas Pereira can respond to civil and criminal proceedings, in addition to a sanitary administrative proceeding with the possibility of a minimum fine of R$2,000.