Season 8 has Marvel’s Ao Cube and Carnage villain theme

Chapter 2 of Season 8 arrived at Fortnite with the theme Ao Cubo, this Monday (13). The update marks the introduction of Carnage, traditional rival to Venom, in Marvel Comics, and also a villain in the film Venom: Carnage Time, which opens in theaters on 10/15.

With the end of the last eason on Sunday, Epic’s battle royale launches the new story in a reality called “Cubiverse”, where monsters are linked to dark and powerful cubes scattered across the island. There are weapons formed by cubes, portals to another dimension and new skins.

Check out the trailer for the season, which runs through December 5th.

The impact of cubes on the island

The map returns without major changes in cities, which follow the same as the previous season. But it is possible to notice the influence of Cubes in the destroyed areas on the island.

Damaged areas are easily identified by their differentiated coloration. In these places, it is possible to find modifications, such as antigravity tunnels that can move a group.

Domes and Anomalies appear at random locations on the map. There, the player encounters Cube Monsters, which can vary in health and effects. It’s also where Cubiverse’s chests are. Domes only appear once per game.

Fortnite, season 8 - Press Release/Epic Games - Press Release/Epic Games
Image: Disclosure/Epic Games

Cubiverse Weapons and Items

Regarding weaponry, several new Cubiverse items were added, such as Side Rifle, Machine Gun and Side Light Blade. Baiacu Sombrio and the Armored Wall are also among the novelties.

For Venom and Carnage, there are new mystical powers: the Symbiote.

Fortnite, season 8, weapons - Press Release/Epic Games - Press Release/Epic Games
Image: Disclosure/Epic Games

Remember that cubes are not just for causing chaos. Players can use them to their advantage. When Monsters are defeated, they drop upgrade items for new weapons.

In addition to the weapons of the new reality, the Slone Blast Assault Rifle also arrives today. Other weapons, however, will be removed from the game, such as the Harpoon and the Automatic Sniper Rifle.

new skins

Skins are among the features that attract the most attention in the update. They encompass Torin, Peixotoon, Kor, Charlotte, JB Chimpanski, the unicorn Esteban Crisnabela and the villain of Marvel Carnage. All come with variant skins to add extra style to matches.

Fortnite, season 8 - Press Release/Epic Games - Press Release/Epic Games
Image: Disclosure/Epic Games

Rumors pointed to the arrival of Naruto Uzumaki on the servers, along with the Battle Pass update for the new season. However, no sign of the character’s costume so far.

But while it doesn’t have Naruto, Epic Games has introduced another skin for fans of Japanese animations: players have noticed the similarity between the variant skin and Charlotte’s art posted on Twitter, with the character Kanao Tsuyuri, from Demon Slayer.

The season’s new Battle Pass can be purchased for 950 v-bucks, in-game currency purchased for R$25 at the Epic Games store.