See who are the semifinalists of ‘The Voice Kids’ | 2021

The audience was able to choose their favorite voice and the coaches saved two participants from each team.

+ Excitement from coaches and live voting mark the Quarter Finals of ‘The Voice Kids’

Nine participants were selected and follow with everything for the Semifinal, that happens this next Sunday.

See who the semifinalists are:

The participant from Areia, Paraíba, showed all her talent on the afternoon of Sunday, 12/9, with Dominguinhos’s “Eu just Quero um Xodó”, and went to first to take the public vote to the semifinal.

See Helloysa do Pandeiro's performance

See Helloysa do Pandeiro’s performance

Isabelly Sampaio sang “Avião”, by Djavan, and got coach Carlinhos Brown’s vote.

See Isabelly Sampaio's presentation

See Isabelly Sampaio’s presentation

Sofia Farah showed a new side by singing “I don’t want a miss a thing” and managed to be saved by Brown in the final round.

See Sofia Farah's presentation

See Sofia Farah’s presentation

Izabelle Ribeiro performed with “Never stop dreaming (Sementes do Amanhã)”, by Gonzaguinha, and moved the audience. It was also one of Gaby’s choices to go to the semifinals.

See the presentation by Izabelle Ribeiro

See the presentation by Izabelle Ribeiro

Izadora Rodrigues, who became known for singing sertanejo hits on the program, innovated by singing “Velha Camisa Colorida” by Belchior. The participant was saved by Gaby in the final round.

See the presentation by Izadora Rodrigues

See the presentation by Izadora Rodrigues

Ruany Keveny chose a song by Marília Mendonça to perform. The participant from Rio Real, in Bahia, was from “Whose fault is it?” and won the public vote.

See Ruany Keveny's presentation

See Ruany Keveny’s presentation

The singer from Guapimirim, Santa Catarina, chose “Disparada” and left the technicians and the public at home silly with so much talent. Gustavo took the public vote and secured his place in the semifinals.

See Gustavo Bardim's presentation

See Gustavo Bardim’s presentation

Laís Menezes sang “Sabiá”, a classic by Luiz Gonzaga and Zé Dantas, and was saved by Teló in the final round.

See the presentation by Laís Menezes

See the presentation by Laís Menezes

Maria Victória, from Alto Piquiri, Paraná, sang “If God heard me” and moved Teló, who voted for the girl to continue in the competition.

See Maria Victoria's presentation

See Maria Victoria’s presentation

‘The Voice Kids’: Quarter Finals had live voting, emotion and hits from Gonzaguinha and Aerosmith

Review the program from last Sunday, 12/9: