Shantal’s son is born! See the baby’s first photo:

Shantal and her husband Matheus Verdelho had their second child

the digital influencer Shantal Verdelho and the model Matheus Verdelho announced the birth of the couple’s second child! The two are already parents of little Filippo.

The eldest son of the family is 2 years old. In this new pregnancy, the couple chose to find out if it is a boy or a girl only at the time of delivery!

“We chose not to know, but it wasn’t for internet suspense. It was because my dream is to have a natural birth and this will be my last. I wanted as many surprises and emotions as possible for that day”, said the influencer.

As soon as his wife went into labor, Matheus shared, on his social networks, a photo of a cap. On it is written: “boy or girl? Giuseppe or Domenica?”.

Recently, the influencer explained the choice of names that was influenced by her Italian ancestry. As Matheus and his father are called José, if it is a boy it will be Giuseppe. If it is a girl, the honoree will be the great-grandmother of Shantal – Domenica.

The influencer also revealed that the eldest son will take a while to meet his brother in person. Turns out Pippo was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth.

The disease causes sores and lumps in the affected regions. Because of this, neither she nor the newborn will be able to have contact with the little one for at least ten days.

“Imagine me arriving with a baby and he can’t get close. He’s probably going to take a trip to the countryside at his grandparents’ house to distract himself. I can’t be near him. I’m devastated by all this,” explained the mother.

By announcing the birth of his son, Matheus kept the mystery about whether it was a boy or a girl. He published: “Giuseppe or Domenica? The important thing is that she was born very healthy, the birth was beautiful and she was a warrior. Thanks for all the positive energy. Who hazards their guess?”.

Internet users shared opinions at the time of guessing! Some people already took the opportunity to congratulate the couple. “Congratulations, my God what a beautiful picture”, wrote a fan. Another bet: “I got the date right, I just need to be a boy to confirm that my intuition is good”.

Some also paid attention to a detail in the photo and placed their bets. “By the pink mask, it’s Domenica,” wrote one netizen. “I thought the same thing,” completed another. “Pink mask? It’s a little girl!”, noted another fan.

For now, the couple has not revealed the mystery! Shantal, even explained that this should only happen when Pippo returns home.

“I want people in the family to know it live, to see their reaction. So, I’ll have to save this!”, he said. The influencer also said that she managed to fulfill her dream of having a normal birth and that both (mother and child) are doing well.

Matheus Verdelho, Shantal's husband, showed the time of delivery

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Shantal and Matheus Verdelho had the couple's second child

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