Simaria is criticized after talking about a plane crash: ‘Those who have promises don’t die’ – Zoeira

The rumor suggesting that the plane that crashed and left seven dead, in the interior of São Paulo, this Tuesday (14), would belong to the duo Simone and Simaria was denied by the singers. According to the sisters, the misunderstanding gave them a scare and also their family and friends.

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Fire in area where plane crashed in Piracicaba

“I don’t know if because the abbreviation behind it is SM, but on our jet it’s S&S, by Simone & Simaria. They got confused and this news started to spread that we were inside the jet,” reported Simone to Fátima Bernades, during the program Meeting this Tuesday.

Simaria said that the two received calls from friends crying, thinking that they were among the victims of the fall.

“We always say one thing: whoever has a promise doesn’t die, we still have a lot to fulfill, in the name of Jesus,” said the artist.

However, the older sister’s speech was criticized on social networks, in which netizens classified the statement as insensitive.

Tweet about Simaria's speech during the Encontro program

Photograph: reproduction

Tweet about Simaria's speech during the Encontro program

Photograph: reproduction

Soon after, Simone sympathized with the families of the victims who died in the air incident. “We want to show solidarity with the whole family of the people who were on that plane. It must be an unbearable sadness.”

Aircraft crash inside SP

The plane crashed in Piracicaba (SP) on Tuesday morning, then exploded. Seven people were on board the aircraft and died charred on the spot, according to the São Paulo Fire Department. Information is from the portal G1.

Also according to the corporation, the aircraft crashed in a green area near the São Paulo State College of Technology (Fatec), in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, around 9 am.

The vehicle collided with some eucalyptus trees during the fall, exploding shortly after the collision. With that, a fire reached the area next to Fatec. The Fire Department tries to control the flames in the place, to which police teams also went.

On the plane were the pilot, the co-pilot and five passengers who would be from the same family, according to the Fire Department. The victims have not yet been identified.

According to the CNN portal, the plane crash took place in a region farther from the center of the city, with few companies. The Fire Department informed the publication that six vehicles are in the location.

The fixed-wing aerial vehicle is a small business aviation vehicle hired on demand.

The Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa), of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), announced, in a note, that it was heading to the location for “initial action”. The area has been isolated for inspection, and the causes of the accident are investigated.