Simone says the plane was mistaken for the pair

The duo Simone and Simaria soothed friends and fans who confused the duo’s aircraft with the small plane that crashed in a vegetation area in Piracicaba, São Paulo, this morning.

According to the Fire Department, seven people died in the accident.

Simone and Simaria sang live on the program “Encontro com Fátima Bernardes” at Globo’s studios in Rio de Janeiro. They said relatives called the two singers looking for information.

According to Simone, the aircraft’s identification numbering was similar to that of the small plane.

We were in the dressing room, getting a lot of calls. It was a busy morning with worried friends thinking we were on the plane that just crashed. [em Piracicaba]. I don’t know if by the acronym on the back of the plane. Confused. Friends calling and crying. Simone

airplane - Fire Department of São Paulo - Fire Department of São Paulo

Fire in a place where a small plane crashed today in Piracicaba (SP)

Image: Fire Department of São Paulo

The victims are two crew and five people from the same family. A security camera captured the moment of the crash.

Simone lent solidarity to the families of those involved before Fátima Bernardes updated the news.

If we sympathize with the family of everyone on that plane, it must be an unbearable pain. Simone