Sofia Feldman Residency Notice: GOT OUT! 25 vacancies. Check out!

The Public notice Sofia Feldman Residence. are being offered 25 vacancies for Multiprofessional residencies in Neonatology at the Integral Health Care Foundation / Sofia Feldman Hospital, located in the state of Minas Gerais.

Interested? Applications must be made between days september 27th and October 18, 2021 through the website The registration fee is R$295.00.

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Public Notice Sofia Feldman Residence: Current Situation

September 13, 2021: notice published

The selection notice for residency places at Hospital Sofia Feldman was published on September 10, 2021 and offers 25 places for residency in the healthcare area.

Sofia Feldman Residency Notice: Remuneration and Benefits

The scholarship to be paid to the resident will be in the amount of BRL 3,330.43. The grants come from the Ministry of Health and will be subject to tax and social security discounts and withholdings under the terms of the Law, of 11% of INSS and 15% of IRRF (according to the table of the Internal Revenue Service).

Sofia Feldman Residency Notice: Registration

Register between days september 27th and October 18, 2021 through the website

In order to register, the candidate must access the Candidate Portal available on Feluma’s Selective Processes page, register and access the Registration Request, obligatorily, with a simple copy of the identification document with the registered email and password.

The registration fee for the first specialty will be R$295.00, to compete for a place.

Communications referring to the selection process will be published on the website and/or sent to the e-mail, telephone and/or address specified by the candidate in the application. It will be the sole responsibility of the candidate to verify and read the publication/correspondence, and Feluma Selective Processes is not responsible for any technical factor that makes it impossible for the candidate to verify the communication.

Sofia Feldman Residency Notice: Positions and Vacancies

The 25 vacancies include the following areas:

Neonatology(1)92 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Nursing
12 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Pharmacy
72 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Physiotherapy
two2 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Speech Therapy
12 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Nutrition
two2 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Psychology
12 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Social Work
two2 years5,760 hoursGraduation(2) in Occupational Therapy

Sofia Feldman Residency Notice: Steps

The selection process for Hospital Sofia Feldman will be carried out in 2 stages, as follows:

  • objective evidence with a value of 60 (sixty) points and
  • curriculum analysis, with a value of 40 (forty) points.

Objective test

The objective test will be multiple choice, without consultation, with a total of 75 questions, as follows:

  • 20 questions about the Unified Health System;
  • 15 questions on Continuing Education in Health;
  • 15 questions on Public Health (including Guidelines for the Prevention and Epidemiological Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, as per Technical Note GVIMS/GGTES/ANVISA No. 07/2020, updated in July 2021) and
  • 25 questions on the Humanization and Maternal and Child Health Policies (Rede Cegonha; Humanized care for low birth weight newborns – Kangaroo Method, Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative).

The value of each objective exam question will be 0.80 points, with multiple choice questions. The objective test will be applied in October 31, 2021 only in the city of Belo Horizonte/MG or in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte/MG, lasting four hours.

Curriculum Analysis

The 2nd stage of the Selection Process will consist of curriculum analysis for all classified candidates. The criteria and scores of the curriculum analysis are established in the guidance document of the Standardized Curriculum Assessment available on the website The total value of this phase is 40 points.

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Summary of the notice Residencia Sofial Feldman

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