Sônia Abrão laments the fight between Tiago Leifert and Lo-Bianco: “Extrapolou”

This Monday (13), Sônia Abrão put up a fight in the fight between Tiago Leifert and Alessandro Lo-Bianco that took place over the weekend. The presenter explained to viewers the reason for the confusion, highlighted that the role of A Tarde é Sua is to show both sides of the story and lamented all the confusion involving the journalist from RedeTV! and Globo’s communicator.

Sonia reported that the friction did not come from the scoop on Leifert’s departure from BBB. What made the presenter angry was the fact that Lo-Bianco informed that Tiago had turned down a million-dollar proposal to renew the contract. Because of that, he recorded stories on the Instagram profile clarifying the fact.

Alessandro countered and accusations were exchanged between the two. This generated some expectation among internet users about the reaction of the presenter of RedeTV! in this second edition of A Tarde é Sua. To everyone’s surprise, she was very calm and just regretted what had happened.

“There are people like that: ‘Wow, I want to see what Sonia is going to say’, ‘Sônia is going to do a flying job at Leifert’, ‘Sônia is going to do a flying job at Lo-Bianco’. Guys, what is that? I’ll tell you something: I think, in fact, I’m sure, everyone is entitled to their side of the story. We always said on the program that here only those who don’t want to talk about it. This is not the case with Leifert, because he cannot speak because of his contract with Globo, which runs until December”, he explained.

Sonia explained point by point of Tiago’s complaint and that everyone can give their versions in the program. But she admitted that the situation got out of hand and became a big mess on the web.

“What happened extrapolated, right? Nobody was imagining it. This kind of thing had never happened. The subject of a program to extrapolate to social media, which went further, got out of our control. All this happened over the weekend”, he detailed.

“We are very sorry for both. I hope that one day they get to know each other better to see what one says about the other and the other says about one, there are several points that are unfounded and I think they could even come to understand each other in a way that is at least professional”, he concluded.

Sônia Abrão echoes the fight between Tiago Leifert and Lo-Bianco


On Sunday (12), Leifert’s followers were surprised with a post by the presenter denying Alessandro Lo-Bianco. The journalist stated that the presenter received an offer of R$ 2.5 million to renew, but that he chose to leave the channel.

“Out of debt, out of danger. So it will stay here forever for your reference Alessandro Lo-Bianco. Before, I thought you were simply a bad journalist, now I think you invent on purpose because unfortunately, in the current context of the search for the clique, crime pays too much”, said the communicator.

Lo-Bianco countered and made it clear that he maintained the information he received from sources working at Globo. But Tiago recorded stories and challenged the journalist to show a conversation, e-mail or contract that proves the proposal made by the Rio station.