Sophia Valverde celebrates the first day of recordings by Poliana Moça: “Começando pra valer”

After more than a year of waiting, the soap opera Poliana girl finally returned to be shot by SBT. The Silvio Santos channel promoted this Monday (13) the first recordings of the second season of Poliana’s Adventures, a children’s and youth brochure that was successful in the house’s prime time between 2018 and 2020.

The information has been confirmed by Sophia Valverde, protagonist of the two parts of the plot, through their social networks. US Stories from her Instagram account, the 16-year-old actress shared with her fans the joy of returning to play her most memorable character.


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I’m very anxious. Very grateful to God, first. Very grateful to SBT, to everyone who always supported me. Now we are starting for real, first day of recording“, she warned, early this morning, as she headed to Anhnaguera’s studios.

Some of the images published by Sophia throughout the day showed her undergoing the coronavirus tests required by the SBT health protocols, as well as the negative result of the exam – a mandatory condition for her to participate in the work in the sets.

First day of recording finished. I am very happy, thanks to God! I recorded today with the girls, it was super cool. We typed text, recorded, I missed them and the production and made a super fun scene, which I can’t tell yet“, declared the actress in Stories most recent.

Poliana girl is scheduled to debut in the first half of 2022, in the range currently occupied by the rerun of Chiquititas. As Mili’s (Giovanna Grígio) saga comes to an end in October, SBT will keep its hours active until then with the re-presentation of another great children’s hit, Angel’s face (2016-2018).