South Korea Fine Google Nearly $180 Million

South Korea fines Google $176 million for blocking Android customization

Photo: Pixabay/via Pexels

The South Korean antitrust agency fined on Tuesday (14) Alphabet, the holding company that controls Google, in US$ 176 million for blocking customized versions of Android, the operating system for mobile phones. The information is from Reuters.

The Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), the South Korean equivalent of Cade, said the terms of Google’s contracts with cellphone makers amount to abuse of its dominant market position, which restricts competition.

Google responded in a statement that it will appeal the decision, saying it ignores the benefits offered by Android’s compatibility with other programs and compromises advantages provided to consumers.

Under the terms of the contracts signed between Google and mobile phone manufacturers, mobile phone manufacturers cannot equip devices with modified versions of Android, known as “Android forks”.

For example, Samsung was barred by Google from launching a smartwatch with a customized version of Android.

The KFTC decision prohibits Google from signing contracts with similar clauses, freeing manufacturers to adopt modified versions of Android on devices.

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