State Department of Health Bulletin -new coronavirus

The State Department of Health (SES-PE) registered, this Monday (13/09), 90 cases of Covid-19. Among those confirmed today, 15 (17%) are cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SRAG) and 75 (83%) are mild. Now, Pernambuco totals 613,526 confirmed cases of the disease, being 53,658 serious and 559,868 mild, which are distributed across all 184 municipalities in Pernambuco, in addition to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

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In addition, the bulletin records a total of 548,390 patients recovered from the disease. Of these, 32,067 were critically ill patients who required hospital admission, and 516,323 were mild cases.

13 new deaths were also confirmed in the laboratory (7 male and 6 female), which occurred between 06/03/2021 and 09/12/2021. The new deaths are of people residing in the municipalities of Carpina (2), Goiana (1), Joaquim Nabuco (1), Palmares (2), Recife (6) and Sertânia (1). With this, the state totals 19,552 deaths from the disease.

Patients were aged between 34 and 82 years. The age groups are: 30 to 39 (2), 40 to 49 (1), 50 to 59 (3), 60 to 69 (3), 70 to 79 (2) and 80 and over (2). Of this total, ten had preexisting diseases: diabetes (5), cardiovascular disease (4), obesity (2), smoking/smoking history (2), hypertension (1), chromosomal disease (1), respiratory disease (1), kidney disease (1) and neurological disease (1) – a patient may have more than one comorbidity. The others are under investigation.


Pernambuco has already applied 8,810,758 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 in its population, since the beginning of the immunization campaign in the state (on January 18, 2021).

Regarding the first doses, there were 5,942,401 applications (coverage of 71.50%). Of the total, 2,868,357 people from Pernambuco (34.51%) have already completed their vaccination schedule, with 2,695,366 people who were vaccinated with immunizing agents applied in two doses and another 172,991 people from Pernambuco who received vaccines applied in a single dose.

More detailed information on the Covid-19 vaccinated population is available on the Vaccine Monitoring Panel, which can be accessed at In the online environment, there are coverages by group and by municipalities, doses applied x distributed by city, profile of those vaccinated (gender, race/color). There are also downloadable databases.