State deputy vents after death of Garotos de Ouro singer on SC highway

The situation of federal and state highways in Santa Catarina was classified by Valdir Cobalchini as “profound historical disrespect for the State”; “we send too much money to Brasília”, he completes

THE death of singer Airton Machado, 62, vocalist and founder of band Garotos de Ouro, and the death of three people in the accident involving a minibus carrying volleyball players and a pickup truck provoked reactions in the political environment. State deputy Valdir Cobalchini (MDB) vented.

Airton Machado, leader of the band Garotos de Ouro –  Photo: Reproduction/NDAirton Machado, leader of the band Garotos de Ouro – Photo: Reproduction/ND

The congressman stated that the contempt is “historic”, it is not just about the current government. “Profound historical disrespect for our State. We sent too much money to Brasília and received too little in return. A situation that has dragged on for decades,” said Cobalchini.

Deputy Valdir Cobalchini –  Photo: Disclosure/NDDeputy Valdir Cobalchini – Photo: Disclosure/ND

The deputy defended escape areas, third lanes and duplications, in addition to proper maintenance, both on state and federal highways.

Grief in Santa Catarina music

The two accidents were registered on the BR-282. O singer airton ax he died in the early morning of this Monday (13), in Águas Mornas, in Greater Florianópolis. He was driving the bus, which lost its brakes. Images show the strike force.

Alongside was Machado’s wife, 32, who survived. Other members of the gaucho music group came in private cars.

“Thank you people of São Joaquim. It was all beautiful. See you soon”, Machado posted on social media even on Sunday. friends mourned the death.

The other accident on BR-282 was in Lages, on Sunday night (12). Three of the six occupants of a pickup truck died in the crash against a minibus carrying 11 volleyball players from Curitibanos.

The victims have not been identified, but it is known that they are a woman, the driver, a man and a child. Three athletes were injured.

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