Suspected of hitting Juliana Paes and Murilo Rosa arrested in SP

Rodrigo Bitencourt de Lyra – Special for Uai

posted on 09/13/2021 5:07 PM

  (credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

(credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

Actors Juliana Paes and Murilo Rosa were victims of a coup, which was reported firsthand by columnist Fábia Oliveira, O Dia, at the time of the incident. According to UOL, a suspected member of the gang that committed the crime was arrested today (09/13), in Jacareí, in the interior of São Paulo.

The SSP-SP (Secretary of Public Security of São Paulo) was contacted by UOL, reporting that, while carrying out a search and seizure warrant, it seized a 38-caliber gun in the suspect’s wardrobe, who was detained in flagrant for illegal possession of a restricted-use firearm.

According to the portal, the gang that applied the scams is made up of at least four people. In May of this year, the São Paulo Court rejected a request by the Public Ministry for preventive detention of the four, considering that “the defendants were not arrested in flagrante delicto, there was no use of serious threat of violence and all of them are primary and without a record criminals.”

However, even in the process that UOL had access to, judge Pedro Luiz Fernandes Nery Rafael declares that “according to the elements already included in the investigation, there are strong elements indicative of the occurrence of the crime of embezzlement.” The lawsuit has been processed at the Central Criminal Forum Barra Funda, in São Paulo, since April 2019.

remember the case

Juliana invested R$ 500,000 through the agency F2S Intermed de Negócios, however, after depositing the amount, she could no longer contact any company representative. In addition to Paes, the Public Ministry informed that actor Murilo Rosa would also have been a victim of the coup plotters, losing the amount of R$ 460 thousand.

The actress did not deal directly with the alleged scammer, her trusted financial advisor was the one who would have streamlined the procedures, which took place in 2018. F2S’s promise was that the money would be used to buy cars that would be resold later, giving a 4% to 8% return on the total amount invested.

In May of this year, the Public Ministry of São Paulo asked for the preventive detention of three men involved, one of them being the owner of F2S, in addition to the request for the arrest of a woman, who would be the coup plotter’s wife. According to what was informed by the Ministry, she received the amounts in a personal bank account, adding up to large amounts. After the breach of bank secrecy, a movement of almost R$ 6 million was verified between the months of May and July 2018. The court accepted the complaint, making all the suspects defendants in the process, despite the arrest request having been denied until then.