Taís Araujo and Lazaro Ramos complete their wedding anniversary “Happy 16+1 to us!”

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This Monday (13), the actress thas Araujo and your husband Lazaro Ramos celebrate another wedding anniversary together. Tais said the photo posted was taken 3 weeks ago, a wonderful weekend. Tais made a small statement to her beloved in her Instagram.” I love you, little one. Happy 16+1 to us!” said Thai Araujo

How beautiful! Congratulations!!”, “16 + 1. How wonderful! Vivaaaaa!”, “I LOVE ❤ They are a reference for me!”, “Adorable, lovely, married couple mar lindu of life! Many joys, many suns I love!”, “Wonderful! Long live”, ” ahhhhh I love so much !!!!”, “You wonderful!!!! I miss you!!!!!”, “How beautiful!! A lifetime of love and sunshine for you guys!”, “Long live love!!! Long live you guys!!! May it be eternal and delicious!!!”, “I love a couple and I love even more that they wear 16+1”. said his followers.

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That day happened 3 weeks ago, it was a beautiful, loving weekend, surrounded by friends we love, who love us, our children were radiant and so were we, the day was beautiful and that’s all I want with you all my life : us + our children + our friends, lots of love and the sun to bless our lives. Ah, a good drink is also welcome, always. I love you, little one. Happy 16+1 to us! ❤️ And may the sun continue to guide us! ☀️

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Learn more about the couple

Thai Araujo Born in Rio de Janeiro on November 25, 1978, she is an actress and presenter and graduated in journalism. Lazarus Ramos is an actor, presenter and voice actor, born November 1, 1978.

Taís and Lazaro started dating in 2004 and moved in together after 4 years of relationship. However, the couple broke up in 2008, but reconciled in 2009.

Happy Father’s Day to the father of my greatest loves, to the loving, fun, present father, the one who holds our wave when everything seems to fall apart and who keeps asking us to hold our wave when he needs to hold a meeting and the house is in that animation! Happy Father’s Day the one that brings all of Bahia into the house and leaves our lives seasoned with palm oil. We love you Mozinho

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