Targeted CPI lobbyist sponsors Twitter post to say he’s sick

Entrepreneur Marcos Tolentino Silva has been struggling to avoid giving evidence to the Covid-19 Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, in the Senate. He has already been admitted to a hospital in São Paulo feeling tingling on the eve of the first appointment, in early September, and tried measures at the STF to remain silent (he succeeded) and even to miss the call (request was denied).

This Monday (9/13), in fact, the Federal Court of the Federal District authorized the CPI of Covid-19 to request the coercive conduct of Tolentino, if he does not appear at the collegiate testimony scheduled for this Tuesday (9/14) .

Toletino is appointed as a hidden partner of Fib Bank — a company that issued a letter of guarantee on behalf of Need Medicines in negotiations for the sale of Covaxin to the Ministry of Health.

Also on Monday, the businessman, who is a friend of federal deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), also investigated by the CPI, and appointed as a lobbyist for Need Medicine, used a newly created Twitter account to complain about their health conditions.

In a series of posts, he tells how he got sick because of Covid-19, was intubated and thought he was going to die. “I was already in another dimension when a light came and with memories and images I heard my father’s voices ‘FIGHT MY SON!’”, he wrote, who claims to suffer from the disease’s sequelae.

The businessman then posted images of himself at the hospital. As he is no celebrity on the networks, however, Tolentino has not seen his posts go viral. So he decided to pay Twitter so that the post was distributed to more people. See the promoted post:

The “Promoted” stamp shows that the author paid to boost the content

After netizens realized that the content was artificially boosted and started tagging CPI member senators in the post, the “Promoted” stamp was removed from the post by the author.

As every internet user knows, however, the print is eternal.