Temporary exit: Suzane and Anna Jatobá leave prison; Elize displays poster with message for daughter | Paraíba Valley and Region

Suzane von Richthofen, Anna Carolina Jatobá and Elize Matsunaga left the Santa Maria Eufrásia Pelletier Penitentiary, in Tremembé (SP), for the so-called temporary “saidinha” (watch the video above). The departures from the place happened almost simultaneously on the morning of this Wednesday (14). They will be free until the next Monday (20), when they must return to the unit.

Suzane was convicted of killing her parents in 2002. Anna Carolina was convicted of the death of her stepdaughter Isabella Nardoni in 2008. Elize was convicted of killing and dismembering her husband Marcos Matsunaga in 2012.

Upon leaving the prison unit, before getting into a taxi, Elize also displayed a poster with a message for her daughter: “I will love you beyond life”. The girl has lived with her paternal grandparents since the time of the crime and has no more contact with her mother.

Like the other detainees who also had authorization for the “outing”, the three wore a mask to protect against the coronavirus.

Suzane leaves a prison in Tremembé for temporary release — Photo: Raíssa Santos/TV Vanguarda

Elize Matsunaga, convicted of killing and dismembering her husband Marcos Matsunaga, left the unit for an outing 20 minutes later, around 8:40 am. The inmate left the scene in a taxi.

Upon leaving the prison, she displayed a poster with the message ‘My daughter will always love you beyond life’. The detainee has a daughter from her relationship with Marcos Matsunaga,

Elize Matsunaga displays a poster at the exit from prison — Photo: André Bias/TV Vanguarda

Temporary exits were resumed this year after a series of changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the third time that the benefit is granted to detainees in the State of São Paulo in 2021 – the others were in May and June. An outing is also planned between Christmas and New Year. The calendar is determined by the Judiciary Branch.

The benefit is allowed for prisoners who show good behavior, have already served part of the sentence and are in the semi-open regime.

The court authorized Suzane Von Richthofen to attend the pharmacy school at a university in Taubaté (SP). The request was made by her defense, who is currently serving her sentence in a semi-open regime, after she obtained a grade in the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) to be able to attend higher education.

According to the preliminary injunction, which is of Friday (10) and was signed by the reporting judge José Damião Pinheiro Machado Cogan, the authorization is valid for immediate start, since the classes of the second semester have already started – the request has been filed on August 12th and classes started on the 16th. Her course is at night.

In the analysis, the request to attend college had a contrary opinion from the Public Ministry, which claimed that there is no way to guarantee the inmate’s safety. However, according to Justice, she fulfills all the requirements for her to have authorized studies.

Recall the case Suzane von Richthofen, convicted of murdering her parents in 2002

Recall the case Suzane von Richthofen, convicted of murdering her parents in 2002

Anhanguera College was contacted by G1 and informed that “it deals directly with its students, if necessary, with possible actions regarding their attendance and school performance, as this is a private matter. The institution emphasizes that the student’s enrollment was authorized by the Court and clarifies that it offers equal treatment to all, as determined by Brazilian law”.

Suzane von Richthofen obtained the progression from closed to semi-open in October 2015. Her first departure took place in March 2016, benefiting from the temporary departure from Easter.

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