The Farm 13: Marina Ferrari confirmed in the reality show

Marina Ferrari (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

This Monday (09/13), the influencer Marina Ferrari was confirmed in the cast of The farm 13. The young woman, who was cut from the cast of The farm 12 on the eve of the issue, it was announced through the app TikTok.

The brunette also said that she did not think of a strategy to join the program, but that she left everything ready to post on her social networks. “I really like competitions, I like to win and I’ll do my best”.

“Hi, guys. I’m going to the show with an open heart to play, enjoy and be myself. I didn’t plan a strategy inside the house, but I left some things ready for Instagram. I really enjoy being a leader and commanding. I like exams and I like to win,” he said.

Who Marina Ferrari?

Marina was born in Alagoas, is 28 years old and a YouTuber and digital influencer. Her video channel with makeup tips has more than 230 thousand subscribers, andi profile on instagram has more than four million followers.

Marina is next to Nego do Borel, Tati Quebra Barraco, Mussunzinho, Liziane Gutierrez, Victor Pecoraro, Bil Arajo, Mileide Mihaile, Dayane Mello, Valentina Francavilla, Fernanda Medrado and Gui Araujo, names already confirmed by Record TV. The Farm 13 premiere for next Tuesday (09/14), on Record TV.