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Not all players in the Corinthians squad played a streak of games on the team under Sylvinho’s command. Some, for various reasons, have not taken the field for months, almost forgotten before the eyes of the technical committee.

Recent examples are Raul Gustavo and Gabriel Pereira, who had not played for three months but, at different times, reappeared on the team. The defender took advantage of Gil’s suspension to play the entire game against Atlético-GO and the attacking midfielder participated in the last three matches.

Luan lived a similar situation: he spent more than a month without playing, passed over by other options in midfield, but he returned to the team on August 22, he played on the 28th, too, and on September 9th until he got injured. Now, it treats adductor muscle pain.

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But there are still “forgotten” by Sylvinho in the cast. After all, who are they? O ge brings up a list of some “out of the picture” names at the club.

About to turn 21, the left-back has not played for Corinthians since June 27. If he continues at this pace, he will complete three months away from the lawns on September 27th. The young man was in evidence in the transfer window, but was not traded by the club.

Lucas Piton, currently, only plays the role of Fábio Santos’ reserve. It’s related to the matches, but it doesn’t enter either to gain game rhythm or spare the veteran from a streak.

Lucas Piton at Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians

The Colombian midfielder disappeared from the team, as well as Piton, but for less time. Cantillo’s last game was on August 1st. In other words, it has been a month and a half without playing for Corinthians.

The player’s sequence was undermined by the arrival of Giuliano, who assumed the starting position in midfield, retreating Gabriel to the role of first defensive midfielder, and by Roni, who has been playing good games in the coaching staff’s view and also gained space . Not counting Renato Augusto, who has been gaining pace in the game.

Cantillo in Corinthians training at CT Joaquim Grava — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

He has not worked for Corinthians for 11 months. He suffered a serious knee injury last year, underwent surgery and is now recovered, but has yet to gain a chance under Sylvinho. Even so, it was related to the last game and seems to be getting closer and closer to debuting this season.

Gustavo Mantuan back to Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag.Corinthians

Of those mentioned, he is the one who seems to be farthest away from entering the field. He is behind not only Raul Gustavo in the list of substitutes for the defense, but, in the last match, he also lost his place to Lucas Belezi, of the under-20, on the bench in Goiânia. It wasn’t even related.

Sylvinho was asked about the topic and said only that Léo, whose last game was in May 2021, has been acting less than Belezi and, therefore, would not be able to help if he joined.

Léo Santos in action for the Corinthians U23 — Photo: Rodrigo Gazzanel/Ag. Corinthians

– Belezi has been used in the sub-20 with a higher frequency than Léo in the sub-23. Has had a good response, and would be more ready if it was the case to enter the game – summed up.

It is worth mentioning that Léo was away from the under-23 games for two months because he was caught in an anti-doping test when he played for the professional, in May. The retest was inconclusive and the player is released, as revealed by the Meu Timão website and confirmed by ge.

From the 17th of July to the 12th of September, Araos played only three games. He won a few minutes in the last match against Atlético-GO, but he was a month and a half without acting. Sylvinho guarantees that the player is still part of his plans, but has acted little.

Recently, Araos received a consultation from Colo-Colo, from Chile, but he wasn’t excited about leaving the São Paulo team to return to his home country.

He is seen as a player still in the process of evolution by Corinthians. At the age of 22, he returned from a loan from Inter de Limeira after the São Paulo Championship to try to fight for Fagner’s immediate reserve, but he did not fit the position, losing the spot to defensive midfielder Du Queiroz.

It has not yet been listed by Sylvinho. Hired from Porto, Portugal, on loan, he came to be Fagner’s reserve, but did not debut. Theoretically, if he pleases Sylvinho, he will “liberate” Du Queiroz to return to his original position.

If Lucas Piton already suffers in the Fábio Santos reserve, Cássio’s reserves play even less. The 12th shirt’s immediate substitute is Matheus Donelli, who played his last game on May 26th.

Caique França and Guilherme Pezão didn’t even play in the alvinegra season. Carlos Miguel, recently hired, has been in the under-23 category.

Strikers Felipe Augusto and Cauê, midfielder Matheus Araújo and defensive midfielder Luis Mandaca returned to the youth categories after a period in the pro. Ruan Oliveira is injured, and Danilo Avelar has been out of the squad since June 23 due to a case of racism.

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