‘The Rooster needs to have one of the 3 largest free recipes in the country’

Leader of the Brazilian Championship, semifinalist of the Libertadores, fighting to also reach the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil, Atlético-MG has been shining within the four lines. However, the club is constantly questioned for the high investment and for the help it receives from patrons, in a scenario in which the total debt is around R$ 1.2 billion.

During a live held this Monday (13), businessman Rubens Menin was asked about the strategy to fight Flamengo and Grêmio, for example, who have already organized themselves internally and are able to walk with their own legs. For him, everything is the result of good management.

“I always said that Flamengo, the day that was more or less organized, would be a power. That was six years ago. Flamengo is very strong, has a huge crowd, very large sponsorship. However, they don’t have their field, they have the Maracanã: Our Arena (MRV) is all paid and we don’t owe anything from it, highlighted Menin on Canal Breno Galante (Youtube).

“Palmeiras has 80% of Allianz Parque. We can have 100% and another amount of other events. It will be a differential and we will earn more than Flamengo wins at Maracanã,” he added.

About management, Menin went further. The patron told a curious story about President Sérgio Batista Coelho, during a trip to São Paulo. All to illustrate the thinking of economy within the club.

“This Atlético president is a sensational guy. He went to a hotel in São Paulo. The water cost I don’t know how many reais in the fridge. He went downstairs and fetched cheaper water and went back to his room. So, at Atlético this is happening. The covid test cost a fortune; he negotiated and is paying a quarter of what he paid. This is management competence,” he said.

“Atletico’s management is very lean and very good. We have a lower extra-soccer cost than Flamengo. Palmeiras have a larger squad and sheet than Atlético, but, with all due respect to the club, I wouldn’t change Atlético’s squad. for Palmeiras. I think Atlético with less money did more,” added Rubens, who went further:

“And there is the case of the ‘Manto da Massa’ – a contest in which the shirt is designed by fans. It’s something that only Atlético have. It’s not the team with the best budget that wins, otherwise Real Madrid would always win. Atletico it needs to have one of the three largest free recipes in the country to always be fighting up there,” he concluded.