A zoo in Atlanta, United States, reported that 13 gorillas tested positive for the new coronavirus after probably contracting the virus in contact with a caretaker.

(Photo: Image: A_I_S/Getty Images/iStockphoto)

According to the zoo, part of the 20 gorillas at the zoo showed symptoms such as a runny nose and loss of appetite.

“The teams are closely monitoring the affected gorillas and are hopeful that they will make a full recovery,” said Sam Rivera, senior director of animal health at the zoo. According to the administration, there is no possibility of making an isolation of the gorillas, which as they recover will receive the veterinary vaccine against covid-19 Zoetis.

They will also be vaccinated against covid-19 orangutans, Sumatran tigers, lions and leopards.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, several animals have tested positive for the new coronavirus worldwide. Experts believe that transmission occurred mainly in contact with humans, with the effects of the disease in each species still being studied.

In the United States, a San Diego zoo announced in February this year that eight gorillas contracted the new coronavirus, all of which recovered.

In California, two leopards were also diagnosed with the disease in July and responded well to treatment.